Breaking news !  … they dropped the “Noirchestra” from their name and returned to their basic line-up as a powerful trio to celebrate their fast post-rock, Garage-Rock and Punk-Blues. 

What ? 
They throw Post-Rock and Rock’n’Roll in one pot with their hearts, souls, add Blues and Punk to end up with their own unique style. That’s it !
Well, et least it’s more than Rock’n’Roll, More than Metal, more than Post-Rock, more than Rustic-Punk and AmericanaNoir. This band is it’s own class!

If you never had the chance to see this band on stage, you’ve probably heard about their amazing live performance. They are a group that has succeeded in finding exciting ways to avoid the mainstream of – what we call – rock’n’roll.
They’ve played more than 1900 (+?) live shows around the globe, released seven albums, various singles, appeared in TV shows, movies, etc, etc…
Vocalist and legendary Gretsch guitar-slinger JOHN BATES (who started his carrer as singer of trash metal legends ANIHILATOR ) shares songwriting and singing with upright bass player / vocalist BRANDY BONES, who is infamous for gymnastic-style stunts with her huge Höfner bass.
New in the line-up is Tim Huston on drums, who gives both John and Brandy a real boost with his beats.

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