On 03.Sept 2021 we’ve lost our close friend and awesome artist Alain Croubalian.
Thank you for everything….  wherever you are now…
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Radio Interview – Der Tod ist zeitlos…
BSounds / Radio X Basel

Nichts ist so sicher, wie die Endügltigkeit des physischen Lebens. Genau deswegen versucht Alain Croubalian mit den Dead Brothers, so etwas wie zeitlose Musik zu spielen.

Als Dead Alain fronted er seit 20 Jahren eine einmalige Begräbniskapelle: Die Dead Brothers haben sich gegründet inmitten einer Technowelle, mit dem Ziel zeitlose Musik über das Leben zu spielen, und so besingen sie den Tod.
Gespielte Songs: Zeirli, Farmer Boy, Angst, Evil Ways, Der Tod von Basel, Ghost Train, I Can’t Get Enough
Moderation: Mirco Kaempf

Alain Croubalian  – Solitaire  / Solo
The Plains „

Alain Croubalian started in the early 80’s playing punk rock bass with les Maniacs. Then, in 1998, he took up banjo and megafon for the Dead Brothers. 16 albums altogether and 40 years of Rock’n’roll life. With THE PLAINS Alain Croubalian added piano to his gear.
Dobro, Banjo, Piano and a fragile voice that slowly pierces the ears. Songs from all times, old and new songs, Dead songs and live arrangements, Lyrics by Forke Burke, Alain Croubalian and mostly Marcus Aurelius Littler.

„Many of the songs on THE PLAINS are set in a specific geography. Hence, we have decided to initially release the album as a film consisting of images created in exactly those places.“

Marcus Aurelius Littler (Filmmaker/Slowboatfilms):
About 5 years ago, I began writing a cycle of songs that differed from my previous writings. I don’t know where they came from. I can’t define an inciting incident, or catalyst. It was to become the chronical of two lovers who fell in love, out of love, back into love – eventually facing their end – together. It also became the chronical of a distinct geographical and, at the same time, metaphysical place.
Around the same time, my friend and longtime collaborator Alain Croubalian was given a piano – an instrument he could not play.
As always, I sent him my most recent writings, amongst them two or three of the songs here mentioned. I didn’t think much about it, and a few months later had forgotten all about the songs.
Sometime in winter Alain sent me two songs – Jupiter Is Rising and The Plains.
The songs were of an otherworldly beauty, fragmented & utterly haunting.
The piano playing was so fragile that the songs almost fell apart upon touch – like butterfly wings.
And above all, Alain had found a singing voice within him, that was completely void of artifice or effect – and at the same time, he seemed to be channeling the principal characters of the song cycle – male and female.
Now many moons have passed, yet recently Alain said with a certain amount of urgency: „If we don’t record these songs now, I know I will lose them.“
It became clear that these songs where ephemeral. And so here and now, we offer up and give up these songs of love, of solitude, of pain – and beauty unto the world.
May you treat them Find the Movie „The Plains“ at slowboatfilms.com
Find the Dead Brothers at deadbrothers.com