ALTE SAU  (Germany)
Es ist ein erlesener Kreis aus der Hamburger Subkultur, der unter dem Namen Alte Sau zusammen Musik macht: Keyboarderin ist Rebecca „Becki“ Oehms, die die wärmsten Orgelsounds ganz Norddeutschlands spielt, Bassist Thomas Wenzel, der einst bei den Sternen und den Goldenen Zitronen den Bass bediente, am Schlagzeug sitzt Raoul Doré, der aus den Untiefen des Neunziger-Hardcore kommt und inzwischen das freie Spiel entdeckt hat. 
Es textet und singt: Jens Rachut, Wildschweinhasser und IC-Fan, der (ungewollt?) mit seinen Bands Dackelblut, Angeschissen, Kommando Sonne-NMilch, Oma Hans, u.a.  musikalische Wege für viele Bands ebnete.
Aktuelles Album „Öl im Bauch“  (Major Label / Broken Silence)
Tour period: ???   –    More infos…

A Deer A Horse (USA)
Massive basslines, a firework of guitars, massive drumming, distinctive and in a way temperamental, muscular vocals. Strong songwriting and catchy melodies – never in the way of their dominant riffs.
This 4-piece band pushes you in the face with their bass runs, heavy fuzz guitars and plaintive as well as nihilistic lyrics with a sometime grim stoner attitude through a mix of doom-rock and a touch of sludge-metal.
In other words: You can find A Deer A Horse probably in the gaps between such bands as Melvins, Red Fang, Sleater-Kinney or L7.
Check out their latest album „Grind“ !  New album expected in august 2024

Tour period: Europe  November 2024  –      More infos…

…aus Hamburg.

Coming soon !


 …and then they dropped the „Noirchestra“ from their name and returned to their basic line-up as a super powerfull trio to celebrate their up-tempo Post-Rock, Garage Rock’n’Roll and Punk-Blues, leaded by John Bates who began his career as co-founder of thrash metal legends Annihilator. This band is still their own class and their live-shows are nothing but amazing!
If you look at all of their album releases, you’ll realize that they’ve managed successful to find exciting ways to escape the mainstream of what we call rock’n’roll. If you never had the chance to see this band on stage, you probably have already heard about their amazing live performances.

Latest album release „Skinners Cage“ (Rookie Rec.)

Tour period:  17.Oct – 10.Nov 2024   –  More infos

The master of all one-man bands – always on tour around the globe.
He is an American, Slide Guitar, One Man Band. Bob plays old silvertone archtop guitars, wears a full body cannonball man suit, and a helmet wired to a telephone which allows him to devote his hands and feet to guitar and drums. The spectacle has been described as a guitar dance party, full of sweaty smiles, jumps and kicks. Touring over 150 shows per year in more than 30 countries, Log and his guitar never, ever quit.
Bob Log’s version of quick Delta blues is a continuation the sound that Bob Log pioneered in the duo Doo Rag. The major differences are: greater emphasis on guitar showmanship, and drumming with his feet. It sounds like three drummers, two guitar players, and one sort of singer. Based in Tucson, Arizona, and Melbourne, Australia, he has made frequent tours around the whole world!
Check out all his albums, all his singles and don’t miss a show!

Tour period: always touring around the world  –   # Europe:  June/July 2024   –    More infos…

Alain Croubalian 
Heartbreaking sad news: Our friend and awesome artist Alain Croubalian – Mastermind of The Dead Brothers – passed away on 03.Sept 2021 –  Where ever you are now Alain, Thank you for everything… 
Click here for more infos & photos… and his very last project „The Plains“

„They were dead before it was cool“   And now,  „The one and only Death Blues Funeral Trash Orchestra“ passed away…  But their music stays alive.
Shortly before our Alain Croubalian passed away, THE DEAD BROTHERS finished the recordings for a new album: „Death is Forever“ is the  very final Album, a farewell album, released in October 2023 on Voodoo Rhythm Records ! .   …  More infos… 

New album  „Let The World Burn Down“ out in Feb 2024 on Go Down Records.
Mixed by Alain Johannes (Queens Of The Stone Age, Chris Cornell, PJ Harvey, Eagles Of Death Metal)

Be warned:
This is primitve and loud. Yes, it is simple, primitive, loud, sexy rock’n’roll, full of sin !
More infos…

Tour period:  March – May 2024 + August 2024 + Feb/March 2025

New album „At The Limbo“
…and then he formed a full band.
Songs from a little dot of a light in a long tunnel, made of darkness and sin, for the lost, for the sinners, with some hope for the hopeless. Their tools are Banjo, Mandoline, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Violine and other things to create a genuine mixture of dark country gospel, singer / songwriter, weird vocals, punk rock, and oompah-pah polka.
More infos…

Tour period:  #    on request

Current Album „Cabaret Of Daggers“
Cult legend, avant-roots/RnR raconteur Tav Falco and the unapproachable Panther Burns presenting their unique R’nR , Tango, Avant-Roots-Rock that influenced so many musicians…

Tour period:  ??
More infos

THE GUILT (Sweden)
Oh, hell yeah ! THE GUILT are the sharpest tool in the shed!
This super danceable, brutal, electroclash Lazerpunk duo is nothing but pure energy  – a real stage bomb!

Extremely driving beats, cutting guitar sounds and Singer Emma, who presents a sports acrobatics on stage, that makes you sore muscles just by watching. Call it aerobic lazerpunk action, death Disco, Electroclash, Body-Punk – However you classifiy them: One thing is certain: You will sweat profusely as soon as they hammering out the first beats.
„It is very angry and stupid, super danceable, full of hate“. Anyone who has already experienced The Guilt on stage knows this statement is true.

Check out their current hot album „New Knifes“!

Tour period:    on request + Festivals 2024
More infos…

„The hardest working woman in Pop“  „Sie geht ab wie eine Rakete – bis Wahnsinn und Schweiss verschwörerisch funkeln“.
Bei ihren Konzerten zeigt Bernadette La Hengst so ziemlich alles, was es braucht, um die Welt mit Melodien zu retten: >>> Elektrisierende Popsongs zwischen Elektrodub, Krautbeat und swingendem Loverssoul,   hin zu Arab-Pop und Funk, Folk bis zu Rap und Elektro-Dub.
Ein Bernadette La Hengst Konzert ist alles andere als selbstverliebter Diskurs-Pop mit Betroffenheitsfaktor. Ihre Beats sind fett, ihr Charme entwaffnend. Den Rest erledigt Bernadette mit Gitarren, Beats, Cello und einer wunderbar kraftvollen und leidenschaftlichen Stimme.
Bernadette La Hengst vereint überzeugend Standpunkt und Revolte.
Neues Album „Visionäre Leere“  (Trikont/Indigo)

Tour period:  auf Anfrage  –  #Available for Summer festivals  +   Sept / Okt / Nov 2024 –    More infos...

Holly Golightly and Band (UK)
Thee very charming sixties garage pop & folk influenced singer and founding member of garage-punk legends The Headcoatees is coming along with her full band to make you happy. Many sold-out shows during their last tours, many good, good album releases on Damaged Goods Records in the last few years – enough reasons for touring Europe again.
Bruce Brand (Drums), Matt Radford (Upright Bass), Bradley Burgess (Guitar) and of course Holly Golightly (Vocals/Guitar)  –  Check out their latest album „Get along with…“ (Damaged Goods Rec)

Tour period:    20.Nov – 08.Dec 2024  –    More infos…

Damaged Goods Records
“Johnny Moped had all three ingredients necessary for maximum rock ‘n’ roll: amateurism, mayhem and humour… Essential punk rock!” – Billy Childish
It’s a fact that everyone loves Johnny Moped. One of the original ’77 punk bands they were at the heart of the London punk scene, regulars at the Roxy Club, and highly regarded by both fans and their peers.
Watch the documentary „basically, Johnny Moped“ on Netflix and you will learn Captain Sensible was a member of Johnny Moped before he went with The Damned. Also Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders) was one of the first guitar players.
JOHNNY MOPED will release a new album in june 2024 before they will play a short farewell tour. Yes, it will be their last tour…
Current hit album „Lurrigate Your Mind“.   –      It will be their last tour on the EU-mainland:   June/July 2024  –  –  More infos…

… more or less an international line-up with a kind of goof-punk, rock’n’roll or hardcore punk history. Musicians who have played in such bands like Rudolf’s Rache (GER), Moving Targets (USA), Schweinhund (NOR), Big John Bates Noirchestra (CAN), James Lost (NOR) , Skranefjell (GER).  Yes, it smells like a dirty Punk-Rock project.

# Available for festivals and special events only !  
  More infos…

Endlich …endlich eine Oper. Eine neue Oper.
Live wird das ein spezielles Spektakel um die Geschichte des Albums „Krieg der Stille“ und anderen Liedern von Jens Rachut.

Bei Kleiber geht es um einen Trennungswurm, der durch die Stadt zieht und nach Paaren sucht die schon länger stillstehen und sich nach seinem Biss trennen. Paare, die nicht gemerkt haben, wie er reingeschlichen ist durch die geschlossene Tür und den Wänden aus Beton. Nach dem Biss geht eine winzige Metamorphose vonstatten. Plötzlich waren die Sensoren auf on nach der Suche auf was… (Bitte komplettes Info lesen!)
Die Stimmung der im April 2023 veröffentlichten Albums ist aufgedämpft, und hat mit nichts zu tun, außer mit Abgründen in Moll und einem Wildschwein das die Straße überquert…     More Infos

Tour period:   Dez 2024 / Jan 2025

Check out his latest album release „Kritik der Leistungsgesellschaft“ (Misitunes)
Komplett tanzbar, originell, politisch, Funk, House, Dub, Kraut-Rock. Knarf Rellöm haut sein Zeug raus, hier mit dem Arkestra und das sehr mitreissend.
Originelles Allroundgenie, Spinner, Parolen-auf-dem-Punkt-Bringer mit furioser Superpower.

# Tour period:  almost anytime  /  on request!      More infos


Check out their Single compilation Album „Return of 13 Hedgehogs (MxBx Singles 2000 – 2009)!
Right now, MxBx is working on a new album.

Tour period:   may 2024: USA , Sept 2024: UK
# Available for festivals 2024/2025
More infos…

New album „In the Dust“ (2023) and  „Humbucker“ (2020) are definetely two more milestones after their worldwide celebrated first album „Burning in Water“.
Formed in Boston / USA as part of the Hardcore-Punk scene they where one of the very rare bands who got influenced by 60’s modrock and throw this somehoe into thier punk tunes.The result: MOVING TARGETS mastermind Ken Chambers‘ unique guitarsound and songwriting influenced a generation of musicians.  Don’t think Hüsker Dü, Lemonheads, Bullet Lavolta – think Moving Targets!

Tour period:     April/ May 2024  (Europe)
 More infos…

MPC Lafote
New album „Aquarium“  (Misitunes/Hanseplatte/Major Label)

Very, very, very danceable Electro-Post-Punk with Samples, Synthies and Superbeats. Even people who usually just tap their little toes were seen at MPC Lafote concerts and couldn’t hold on any longer. Yes, electro stuff with a groove and lyrics about things you don’t expect

Tour period:      On request +  Oct / November 2024 

This all female team from Vancouver/Canada brings you the dark stuff…
An intense sound of howls, banshee shrills, electric violin, neoclassical keyboards, dark-wave bass guitar and ominous drum beats to orchestrates a truly out-of-body, hair-raising experience.
Presented in a magical live performance… Check out their debut album „Hexennacht“.

Tour period:  # 2024 ?

  More infos...


Kentuckys Garage-Cowpunk kings!  Do we have to explain more? The masterminds Scott Luallen and Blaine Cartwright (Nashville Pussy) and their band mates go full throttle at every show.
New Album: „When The Sh*t Goes Down“, produced by Daniel Rey (Ramones, Murphy’s Law, Doughboys, a.o.) 

Tour period:  2025?
More infos...

N.R.F.B. (germany)
Hipnagotic-Punk !?  Feat. Jens Rachut (Kommando Sonne-NMilch, Oma Hans),  Thomas Wenzel (Die Sterne, Goldene Zitronen)
Mense Reents (Die Vögel, Zitronen), 
Latest album release „Trüffelbürste“ (STAATSAKT + MAJOR LABEL)
Tour period: ???    More infos…

Three kick drums, three guitars, three mariachi uniforms and three wickedly playful characters. Raw Mexican garage sound with dirty guitar, loose vocals, and foot stomping beats. No, you haven’t heard that before
Check out their CD/LP „It’s a long, long way to Meximotown“ (Rookie Records/Cargo)
We are sorry to tell you a next tour might not happen before 2030 !   More infos…

This band is an earworm machine ! Songs between PowerPopPunk Guitar riffs and supercatchy melodies.
Influenced by his former job as second tour guitarist for The Moving Targets the mastermind of this band startet SKRANEFJELL.
Wenn GUZ (†) (Aeronauten) mit den Moving Targets, Weezer oder Descendents in einer Band wären… würden sie vermutlich SKRANEFJELL Songs covern. Oder ist es nur eine brachiale, melodische version der Wipers?
Tour period:   # on request, anytime /  /april/may 2024 +  Festivals 2024

More infos…

Tankus The Henge (UK)
“….a virtual carnival of sound that’s high on energy and deep on soul. With copious helpings of R&B, blues, funk, disco, Django, a dose of Dexy’s, a drop of Ray Davies and a pinch of Madness … – it’s an exciting mélange of sound.”
Latest album release: „Luna Park“

Tour period:   ? on request 

More infos...

Rainer ‚Ray DeVaryo‘ Wittke
   *10.Oct 1967 –  † 10.Nov 2022
„Deeply shocked and far too sudden we have to accept the passing of our friend and bandmate Ray DeVaryo.
Ray has always been a committed, funny, creative and smart person who has had a decisive influence on Velvetone with his ideas and dedication.
His humor and spontaneity were heartfelt and delightfully refreshing.
You will live in our hearts forever!   We miss you most painfully!“
Andy Merck, Steff Ulrich, Tammo Luers

Special section: 
Movies , Theater, Obscure Acts…


Feat. DOA, Subhumans, Skinny Puppy, 3 Inches of Blood, Japandroids and many more.
„No Fun City is about the fight to keep underground music alive and how to do it yourself when things stand in your way.“
Any time available !    – More Infos..

OPECKTA (Germany)
Eine REVUE aus Theater, Film, Konzert, Lesung mit Musik und Live-Kamera, Puppenspieler !
Jens Rachut’s Texte – Gelesen, gesungen, gebrüllt. Mit Yvon Jansen, Laura Tonke, Jens Rachut, u.a.
Opeckta wird z.Zt. nicht mehr aufgeführt.  –  More Infos

Die Trauerfeier des Jens R. (Germany)
Live-Theater+Live-Video+Live-Musik, sowie Live-Kontaktaufnahme zu mindestens einem Toten und Live-Trauerreden !
Mit Jens Rachut. (Oma Hans, Kommando Sonne-Nmlich) Schauspielerin Laura Tonke („Baader“, „Tatort“), Jacques Palminger (Studio Braun) als Schwager vom Teufel; u.a.

Tour period: Z.Zt. keine Aufführungen möglich…    – More Infos

…and in the last few years we worked with following Acts:
DEVIL DOGS (usa) – 9 POUND HAMMER(usa) – RAUNCH HANDS(usa) KILLRAYS (germany) – ME AND PAUL (germany/usa)- THE GORIES (usa) – LARS VEGAS U.S. (usa) – CARNIVAL OF SOULS (germany) – LOONEY TUNES (germany) – LOOPHOLE (norway) – HEATFARM (denmark) – GREENHOUSE AC ( finland) – PENDIKEL (germany) – RUBE WADDELL (usa) – GUITAR WOLF (japan) – THE MAKERS (usa) – RUDOLF’S RACHE (germany) Info– SAARISTON LAPSET (finland) – HERBST IN PEKING (germany) – SUSAN & THE SURFTONES (usa) – CAMPER VAN CHADBOURNE (usa) – EUGENE CHADBOURNE (usa) – GREEN APPLE SEA (germany) – NUMB TONGUES (germany) – ANGLO GERMAN LOW STARS (germany/great britain) – LEOPOLD KRAUS WELLENKAPELLE (germany) – DUB FACTORY (great britain) – JON & THE NIGHTRIDERS (usa) – HOUSE WILLIAMS (germany) – SCHWEINHUND (Norway) – ATTWENGER (austria) – THE RIVIERA PLAYBOYS (usa) – PLEASANT GROVE (usa) – …Wreckless Eric (gb) – THE CARNATION (swe) – Original Kreuzberger NASENFLÖTENORCHESTER (germany) – CATO SALSA EXPERIENCE (norway) – THE RAYMEN (germany) – RUSSIAN AMCAR CLUB (norway) – HANK RAY (germany) – OXBOW (usa) – LYDIA DAHER (germany) – THEC UMSHOTS (norway) – THE WATZLOVES (usa/germany) – SANAGI (norway/uk/jap) – DELANEY DAVIDSON (new zealand) – DYSE (germany) – MISSOURI (germany) – JOLLY JUMPERS (R.I.P.) (Finland) – HIP BONE SLIM & THE Knee Tremblers (UK) – Die Radierer (germany); HANDSOME HANK and his LONESOME BOYS (USA/ CH) – ZENO TORNADO & The Boney Google Brothers (CH) – KARO (ger) – T-99,(NL) – Mermaid Union (Ger) – HOO DOO GIRL (Germany) – JUKE BARRITONE (AUS) – THE MICRAGIRLS (FIN) – THE MASKED MARVELS (ITA) – PIERRE OMER & Band (CH) – DM Bob & Jem Finer (uk/usa) – KICK JONESES (germany) – BECKY LEE AND DRUNKFOOT (usa) – SLIM CESSNA’S AUTO CLUB (usa) -DOS HERMANOS (germany) – VULGARGRAD (AUS) Info – THE CYNICS (usa) – KOMMANDO SONNE-NMILCH (ger) ) Info – HANDSOME HANK and his BAND (ch) — OMA HANS (ger) Info – TAV FALCO PANTHER BURNS (usa) Info – G.RAG Y LOS HERMANOS PATCHEKOS (ger)  – THE TOWN HEROES (can), MAMA ROSIN (Swiz) – Made For Chickens by Robots (AUS)  Die Aeronauten (ch) , Die Zukunft (GER / CH) – GUZ (CH) . Info , Slick Steve & The Gangsters (Italy)  –  ZEUS (Italy)  –   THE WHISKEY DAREDEVILS (usa) –  Tomas Tulpe (ger)  ,THE CUBICAL (UK) – SICK HYENAS (ger)  – THE FLAMING STARS (uk) info , Mr Vast (uk) , MONKEEMAN (ger/irl) info,  LARRY AND BARRY (ger/ind) info , RATTTENGOLD info (ger), TRIXIE & THE TRAINWRECKS (usa/ger), VELVETONE  (ger) info   –  VELVET ATTACK (ger) – info –   and many, many others…

If you wondering where we come from: We started a cassette tape label and a punk band in 1981….and then… we are here where we are now.