ALTE SAU  (Germany)
Drums – Raoul Doré, Orgeln – Becci Oehms,Texte/Gesang – Jens Rachut !
Und seit kurzem als Gitarrist dabei: Thomas Wenzel (Goldene Zitronen / N.R.F.B.)
Aktuelles Album „To Be As Livin““ (Major Label)
Neues Album kommt im Herbst 2021
Tour period: January 2022

More infos…

More than Post-Rock, more that Rock’n’Roll or Metal..“ We could call it Chamber-Punk!
This band is their own class and their live-shows are just amazing!
Latest album release „Skinners Cage“ (Rookie Rec.)
Tour period: 2022 ?
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The master of all one-man bands – always on tour around the globe.
Check out all his albums, all his singles and don’t miss a show!

Tour period: always touring around the world  –   # Available for festivals 2022

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Alain Croubalian (Switzerland)
Dead Brothers mastermind Alain Croubalian – solo !
Klavier, Gitarre, Banjo und ein Film. Leben, Lieben, Leiden und Tod.

Tour period: on request
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„They were dead before it was cool“
„The one and only Death Blues Funeral Trash Orchestra“ is playing shows all over the world . Check out their current album „Angst“.

Tour period:   Oct/Nov 2021
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New Album „Cabaret Of Daggers“

– Infos coming soon –

Tour period: 2022?    # Available for festivals 2022
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THE GUILT (Sweden)
Oh, hell yeah ! This Lazerpunk duo is nothing but pure energy !
Agression ! Action moves ! Sweat !
Check out their debut album „the guilt“!

Tour period: ??   # Available for festivals 2022

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„The hardest working woman in Pop“ >>> Elektrisierende Popsongs zwischen Elektrodub, Krautbeat und swingendem Loverssoul. „Sie geht ab wie eine Rakete – bis Wahnsinn und Schweiss verschwörerisch funkeln“.
Aktuelles Album „Wir sind die Vielen“  (Trikont/Indigo)

Tour period: Auf Anfrage   –  # Available for Summer festivals 2022

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Banda Internationale, Bernadette & Brecht
Die demoerfahrene Blaskapelle, die 2015 durch Dresdner Erstaufnahmelager tourte, um geflüchtete Musiker in die Band aufzunehmen und Bernadette la Hengst, die Pop-Agitations-Chanteuse aus Berlin knöpfen sich die Texte von Brecht vor. Pop gegen Rechts und internationale Blasmusik für alle.
Termine auf Anfrage !
(In Kooperation mit TRIKONT)

Holly Golightly and Band (UK)
The very charming Sixties influenced Folk-Blues queen released in 2015 a new album on Damaged Goods Records / Cargo. The first tour after so many years in spring 2016 had a few sold-out shows and was just amazing.
New album „Get along with…“ (Damaged Goods Rec)

Tour period:  Oct / Nov 2021 )Spain/France) –  # Available for festivals 2022

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… more or less an international line-up with a kind of goof-punk, rock’n’roll or hardcore punk history. Musicians who have played in such bands like Rudolf’s Rache (GER), Moving Targets (USA), Schweinhund (NOR), Big John Bates Noirchestra (CAN), James Lost (NOR)  Yes, it smells at the moment like an Art-Punk-Rock or whater project.
# Available for festivals and special events 2021      –    More infos…

Larry and Barry Singh (Germany)
Zwei Freunde, eine Angel.. Die Ähnlichkeit zu Jens Rachut und Andreas Ness ist verblüffend..
Wir klären bald auf,

Tour period:  on request  –    # Available for festivals 2021

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Check out their Single compilation Album „Return of 13 Hedgehogs (MxBx Singles 2000 – 2009)!
Right now, MxBx is working on a new album.

Tour period: August 2021 Europe – ask for dates!  –  # Available for festivals 2021
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Damaged Goods Records
Yes, it’s theeee Johnny Moped, original, real Punk-Rock legend who influenced so many other bands.
New album „Lurrigate Your Mind“ out in may 2019

Tour period:   on request  –  # Available for festivals 2021   –  More infos…

MONKEEMAN (Ireland / Germany)
PowerPop with a Dirty Twang!.
This four piece from Belfast and northern Germany is dealing with extremly catchy and powerful pop-songs in tradition of artists like The Jam, The Beatles or Bob Mould.
Tour period: on request  –  # Available for festivals 2021

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Check out their new album „Humbucker“ – definetly one of the best they’ve ever recorded since their worldwide celebrated first album „burning in water“.
TARGETS mastermind Ken Chamber and is unique guitarsound and songwriting influenced a generation of musicians.
Don’t think Hüsker Dü, Lemonheads, Bullet Lavolta – think Moving Targets!

Tour period: May/June 2022  Europe   –   More infos…

Momy Fortuna from Vancouver/Canada brings you the dark stuff…
An all-female team of composers embrace ethereal incantations, banshee shrills, electric violin, neoclassical keyboards, dark-wave bass guitar and ominous drum beats.
Some say it’s Neo-Classic-DarkWave… but just different.

Tour period: ?   –   More infos…

N.R.F.B. (germany)
feat. Jens Rachut (Kommando Sonne-NMilch, Oma Hans),
Thomas Wenzel (Die Sterne, Goldene Zitronen)
Mense Reents (Die Vögel, Zitronen),
Last album release „Trüffelbürste“ (STAATSAKT + MAJOR LABEL) Hipnagotic-Punk !
Tour period: ???
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Three kick drums, three guitars, three mariachi uniforms and three wickedly playful characters. Raw Mexican garage sound with dirty guitar, loose vocals, and foot stomping beats. No, you haven’t heard that before
Check out their CD/LP „It’s a long, long way to Meximotown“ (Rookie Records/Cargo)
Tour period: Summer/Fall 2022 ??
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…sind Dackelblut + Blumen am Arsch der Hölle + Angeschissen + Oma Hans.
– 122 Jahre Punk! –
Aufgelöst !?
Bald zurück ?
Abwarten !

Tour period:  ???

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Something between PowerPopPunk Guitar riffs and supercatchy melodies.
Wenn GUZ (†) (Aeronauten) und Farin Urlaub mit den Moving Targets, Weezer oder Descendents in einer Band wären… würden sie SKRANEFJELL Songs covern.

Tour period: On request  –   Available for Summer Festivals

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Tankus The Henge (UK)
“….a virtual carnival of sound that’s high on energy and deep on soul. With copious helpings of R&B, blues, funk, disco, Django, a dose of Dexy’s, a drop of Ray Davies and a pinch of Madness … – it’s an exciting mélange of sound.”

Tour period:  Summer  2021

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Wild child, Trixie Trainwreck aka Trinity Sarratt, born in San Francisco, now living in Berlin and Charlie Hangdog from London presenting in a very charming way their raw authentic train hopper blues, trash folk country – straight from the streets into your ears & heart.
Tour period: on request

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Mr Vast (UK)
…is one of the weirdest, funniest and most entertaining live performances you can find between north and south pole. „Electronic sound-world , absurdic costumes and something you did’nt see & have heard before. It makes you dance dance dance…    Latest album release „Touch and Go“ !
Tour period: on request    # Available for festivals 2021

More infos…

One of the best European root’s rock’n roll bands – well known for their special „Twang Supreme“ sound. „Nothing but cool!“
Tour period: on request
More infos…

From Melbourne/Australia bring the old songs of the Russian thieves, along with punk classics of the Perestroika era. A collaboration between some of Australia’s best musicians in underground ethnic styles and the incredible vocal talents of one Australia’s most formidable stage and screen actors, Jacek Koman. (Children of Men, Moulin Rouge, Romulus My Father, Australia)
Tour period: Available for Summer/Festivals 2022   –   More Infos

Special section: 
Movies , Theater, Obscure Acts…


Feat. DOA, Subhumans, Skinny Puppy, 3 Inches of Blood, Japandroids and many more.
„No Fun City is about the fight to keep underground music alive and how to do it yourself when things stand in your way.“
Any time available !    – More Infos..

OPECKTA (Germany)
Eine REVUE aus Theater, Film, Konzert, Lesung mit Musik und Live-Kamera, Puppenspieler !
Jens Rachut’s Texte – Gelesen, gesungen, gebrüllt. Mit Yvon Jansen, Laura Tonke, Jens Rachut, u.a.
Opeckta wird z.Zt. nicht mehr aufgeführt.  –  More Infos

Die Trauerfeier des Jens R. (Germany)
Live-Theater+Live-Video+Live-Musik, sowie Live-Kontaktaufnahme zu mindestens einem Toten und Live-Trauerreden !
Mit Jens Rachut. (Oma Hans, Kommando Sonne-Nmlich) Schauspielerin Laura Tonke („Baader“, „Tatort“), Jacques Palminger (Studio Braun) als Schwager vom Teufel; u.a.

Tour period: Z.Zt. keine Aufführungen möglich…    – More Infos

…and in the last few years we worked with following Acts:
DEVIL DOGS (usa) – 9 POUND HAMMER(usa) – RAUNCH HANDS(usa) KILLRAYS (germany) – ME AND PAUL (germany/usa)- THE GORIES (usa) – LARS VEGAS U.S. (usa) – CARNIVAL OF SOULS (germany) – LOONEY TUNES (germany) – LOOPHOLE (norway) – HEATFARM (denmark) – GREENHOUSE AC ( finland) – PENDIKEL (germany) – RUBE WADDELL (usa) – GUITAR WOLF (japan) – THE MAKERS (usa) – RUDOLF’S RACHE (germany) Info– SAARISTON LAPSET (finland) – HERBST IN PEKING (germany) – SUSAN & THE SURFTONES (usa) – CAMPER VAN CHADBOURNE (usa) – EUGENE CHADBOURNE (usa) – GREEN APPLE SEA (germany) – NUMB TONGUES (germany) – ANGLO GERMAN LOW STARS (germany/great britain) – LEOPOLD KRAUS WELLENKAPELLE (germany) – DUB FACTORY (great britain) – JON & THE NIGHTRIDERS (usa) – HOUSE WILLIAMS (germany) – SCHWEINHUND (Norway) – ATTWENGER (austria) – THE RIVIERA PLAYBOYS (usa) – PLEASANT GROVE (usa) – …Wreckless Eric (gb) – THE CARNATION (swe) – Original Kreuzberger NASENFLÖTENORCHESTER (germany) – CATO SALSA EXPERIENCE (norway) – THE RAYMEN (germany) – RUSSIAN AMCAR CLUB (norway) – HANK RAY (germany) – OXBOW (usa) – LYDIA DAHER (germany) – THEC UMSHOTS (norway) – THE WATZLOVES (usa/germany) – SANAGI (norway/uk/jap) – DELANEY DAVIDSON (new zealand) – DYSE (germany) – MISSOURI (germany) – JOLLY JUMPERS (R.I.P.) (Finland) – HIP BONE SLIM & THE Knee Tremblers (UK) – Die Radierer (germany); HANDSOME HANK and his LONESOME BOYS (USA/ CH) – ZENO TORNADO & The Boney Google Brothers (CH) – KARO (ger) – T-99,(NL) – Mermaid Union (Ger) – HOO DOO GIRL (Germany) – JUKE BARRITONE (AUS) – THE MICRAGIRLS (FIN) – THE MASKED MARVELS (ITA) – PIERRE OMER & Band (CH) – DM Bob & Jem Finer (uk/usa) – KICK JONESES (germany) – BECKY LEE AND DRUNKFOOT (usa) – SLIM CESSNA’S AUTO CLUB (usa) -DOS HERMANOS (germany) – VULGARGRAD (AUS) Info – THE CYNICS (usa) – KOMMANDO SONNE-NMILCH (ger) ) Info – HANDSOME HANK and his BAND (ch) — OMA HANS (ger) Info – TAV FALCO PANTHER BURNS (usa) Info – G.RAG Y LOS HERMANOS PATCHEKOS (ger)  – THE TOWN HEROES (can), MAMA ROSIN (Swiz) – Made For Chickens by Robots (AUS)  Die Aeronauten (ch) , Die Zukunft (GER / CH) –
GUZ (CH) . Info , Slick Steve & The Gangsters (Italy)  – THE WHISKEY DAREDEVILS (usa) –  Tomas Tulpe (ger)  ,THE CUBICAL (UK) – SICK HYENAS (ger)  – THE FLAMING STARS (uk) info , and many, many others…

If you wondering where we come from: We started a cassette tape label and a punk band in 1981….and then… we are here where we are now.