VELVET ATTACK comes along like a trip of Psych-Freakbeat-Folkrock.
Well, a more simple describtion could be: 60’s vibes, infected by classical Kraut-Rock elements plus a punch that a sound made of guitars, bass and drums need if the songs basically build on super clever melodies.

KONO, CHRIS and REMCO have played some years with THE CHEEKS, ALEX with JELLY PLANET and PELE with german bands KLEE and ASTRAKID (currently PELECASTER).
Their long-standing vision of making music together became a reality in 2018: Velvet Attack was born.
Songwriter and guitarist CHRIS, who always has a foot in the 60is, has he songs, singer KONO the voice and REMCO the beat.
PELE on bassguitar and Alex playing second guitar provide the necessary influences beside this path and expand the picture with their fondness for PROGROCK via 80/90is INDIE to MANCHESTERRAVE. Best basics for music with a wide perspective.
Vocalharmonies á la BEACH BOYS and BYRDS meet 12string guitar-soundscapes and fuzz-attacks, without losing sight of the HERE and NOW. The cherry on top: Their clever and catchy catchy Hooklines!
The first single (SHE’S A) HUMAN DOLL / DR. JESUS GONZALES is out on SOUNDFLAT RECORDS since May 2021. A full lenght album is recorded and will be released in spring 2022 on SOUNDFLAT RECORDS. By the way, recorded and produced by Alaska Winter/Pop und die Welt (Fehlfarben, u.a.)
But there is more to come: SHRINGO VAN DEN BERG (ex drummer, sreenwriter and director of famous german singer, comedian and actor HELGE SCHNEIDER) is shooting a full lengh movie at the moment – with the fitting title VELVET ATTACK – in which the band are starring… and recording the soundtrack of course. (Release 2022)
And yes, VELVET ATTACK is based in Dortmund/Germany.
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Kono Leadvocals, Backing Vocals
Pele Götzer Backing Vocals, Bass
Alex Schönert Backing Vocals, Guitars
Remco Reents Drums
Chris Riza Backing Vocals, Leadvocals, Guitars