It is primitive, loud, wild, sexy, rock’n’roll music and it is full of sin.

They are from Naples/Italy. Formed in 2015, their first two records (“Sin, you sinners!” [2016] and
„Iron Butt” [2017]) were produced by Jim Diamond (The White Stripes, The Sonics,) and
published by Voodoo Rhythm Records. From 2016 they have been constantly on tour, over 500
shows. Gianni Blacula rapes the guitar, Switchblade Erika hits the drums. The Devils embody the
definitive sound of chaos; their style is primitive, filled with sex, sin and rock’n’roll.
They are wild, very loud and sexy.
Their third record „Beast Must Regret Nothing” [2021] were produced by Alain Johannes (QOTSA,Chris Cornell, PJ Harvey) and includes a featuring with Mark Lanegan (Sreaming Trees).
They named themselves after Ken Russell’s legendary movie „The Devils“ (1971).
They have been on tour with: The Sonics, Jon Spencer & The Hitmakers, Boss Hog, Mudhoney, GBH, The
Monsters ect. They played in many european festivals: Azkena Rock Festival, Helldorado, Clanx
Festival etc, etc.
In 2023 they’ve released an live album: „Live at Maximum Festival“
“Live At Maximum Festival is the ultimate distillation of The Devils’ experience. Raw and rumbustious, this recording is a musical sacrifice to the deity rock n’ roll, and Live At Maximum Festival is your invite.”